7 in 1 Multifunctional (Full Metal) Touch Screen Stylus Ballpoint Pen with Screwdriver Spirit Level Scale Ruler

Sale priceRs.599.00


A Pen that does wonders in your hand!

Do not miss out on getting this Multi-functional tool for your personal and home collection.

Navigate on your mobile screen smoothly with the STYLUS,

While taking notes using the PEN on the other end.

Measure using the RULER in between, and tighten up screws using the SCREWDRIVER inside.

Don't forget to use the SPIRIT LEVEL for accuracy if need be.

The perfect tool for completing daily tasks in one go saves time and energy from the hustle of looking for five different items when needed—ideal for keeping this item at your home for everyday needs. Limited stock is available of this innovative product. Grab yours now!

Key Features:

 Ballpoint Pen.

Touch Screen Stylus

Flathead Screwdriver

Phillips Screwdriver

Inch Ruler

Centimeter Ruler

Spirit Level Tool

Material: Full Metal

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