Amazfit GTR 2 (Pre-order Only)

Style: Classic Edition
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3D Curved Bezel-less Design. (Note 1)

The Amazfit GTR 2’s integrated design concept - its large 1.39-inch high-definition AMOLED screen covered in 3D glass which naturally transitions to the stainless steel watch body – results in a better visual aesthetic and a wider field of vision.

A Work of Art on Your Wrist.

Stay Safe with Elevated Heart Rate Alerts. (note 3)

Blood-oxygen Saturation Measurement. (note 4)

The large 1.39" AMOLED high-definition screen with 326 ppi pixel density is clear and vivid. Dozens of different styles of watch faces are available, with matching always-on displays patterns (note 2), enabling you to view the time even when the watch's other features are inactive, and making your Amazfit GTR 2 a unique masterpiece of change and creativity.  

The Amazfit GTR 2 is equipped with the Huami-developed BioTracker™ 2, allowing it to perform 24-hour heart rate monitoring. It covers heart rate zones and provides warnings when your resting heart rate is abnormally elevated, keeping you aware of the exercise effect and reducing exercise risks.

SpO2 is a major indicator of human health, so the Amazfit GTR 2 introduces an SpO2 monitoring function. When you engage in sustained mental labor, run a marathon, or do intense outdoor exercise, you can test your SpO2 level the moment you start feeling unwell to get a better understanding of your physical condition.

One Score to Summarize Your Physical State. (note 5)

See Sleep Stage and Nap Data. (note 6)

Monitor Your Stress Levels.

PAI™ (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a science-backed health score, which measures the impact of physical activity on your heart by processing data about your heart rate, exercise time, and other complex health information with an algorithm, to provide a single-value score unique to each user's experience, for easy understanding of their physical state.

The Amazfit GTR 2 supports in-depth sleep monitoring, which can accurately differentiate between the light, deep, and REM (rapid eye movement) (note 7) sleep stages, monitor the sleep breathing condition, and provide analysis and suggestions for improvement based on a night of sleep. The watch also recognizes naps over 20 minutes in order to record more complete sleep information. 

Check your personal stress level - relaxed, normal, medium or high - anytime you feel pressured throughout the day, so you know when to relax and reduce it. 

Powered for Maximum Performance. (note 8)

Your Playlist on Your Wrist.

Bluetooth Call Function and Offline Voice Assistant.Liberate Your Hands. 

Featuring a more sophisticated circuit design, a thinner body, and a high-capacity 471mAh battery, the GTR 2 boasts a battery life of up to 14 days with typical use. With this extended battery life, you are covered wherever your exercise takes you.

Control mobile music playback through the watch via Bluetooth, or transfer 300-600 of your favorite songs to the watch through your mobile phone, with a massive 3GB (note 9) of local music storage. Put your phone down, your Amazfit PowerBuds (note 10) wireless headphones on, and listen to your favorite playlists while you exercise, anytime and anywhere.

After connecting your Amazfit GTR 2 to your mobile phone, the Bluetooth call feature lets you answer calls on your watch via the built-in microphone and speaker. You can also perform voice operations on your watch without internet access through the offline voice control feature (note 11) - including turning on sports modes or opening the heart rate monitoring function.

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