Color: black
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Product Description:

1 Pair Black Anti Cut Resistance Gloves Stainless Steel Wire Safety Abrasion Gloves Working Mesh Butcher


1. Type: Cut Resistant Gloves
2. Color: Black
3. Material: Stainless steel wire, high strength polyethylene
4. Operating temerature: less than 100degree
5. Size: Average
6. Package includes: 1 Pair Black Gloves Arm Guard
8. Package: Plastic bag
1. High strength fabric, wearproof, anti-cutting, and durable.
2. Anti-static, soft, breathable and easy to clean.
3. High elasticity fiber well protect hands from cutting harm of knife,
glasses, stones etc.
4. If you are at risk of being attacked by knives at your workplace, here is good recommendation.
Our product is an effective against a variety of knives, glass and other sharp knife and metal objects
with sharp edges and corners cut. Help you work confidently with risky slicing and chopping equipment.
The cut resistant gloves enable you to hold your equipment without worrying for the safety of your fingers.
They are ideal for taxi-drivers, petrochemical personnel, miners, meat packers, metal processing personnel,
waste sorting personnel, relief and rescue personnel and for general self-defense purposes.


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