Baseus Cordless Electric Polisher

Sale priceRs.12,999.00


Baseus New Power Cordless Electric Polisher Black

  • 3800r/min ± 200: High speed offers higher efficiency.
  • Cordless and electric: Cordless design makes it more convenient for waxing the whole car even without a power source.
  • Two levels of speed: Adjustable speeds meet different waxing needs.
  • 45 minutes of battery life: Up to 45 minutes of battery life allows you to wax the whole car at one go before running out of power.
  • Car home dual use: It can be used for waxing cars and floors at home, and more.
  • An eccentric rotating shaft: An oval track polishing disc helps avoid polishing one area too much and spread the wax paint evenly for smoother paint surfa

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