Baseus Simu S2 Anti Noise Cancellation True Wireless Earphones

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Baseus Simu S2 Wireless Earbuds Hybrid Hi-Fi Touch Headset

Intuitive control
  • The control panel located on the earplugs casing lets you easily and comfortably turn on, off and switch.
  • All you have to do is gently touch it – sensitive-to-touch earplugs react instantly.

Listen to music for 24 hours!
  • Bluetooth Wireless 5.0 limits power consumption and prolongs use of earplugs.
  • When noise reduction function is active, the product operates for about 6 hours, when you use the case – it can be up to one day!

AAC / SBC decoding
  • High-quality AAC/SBC decoding means clear sound and deep bass.
  • It is possible thanks to a composite membrane and moving 10-mm coils.
  • Improve quality of your experiences and power of sounds live!

ANC technology
  • the earplugs with high-duty double-core DSP processing unit intercept background noise in various frequency bands.
  • It happens through a microphone, being very sensitive to noise.
  • It reduces noise at about 28dB level.
  • You can also set Ambient Sound Mode (long press the key) and therefore activate collecting sounds from the background.

Convenient wireless charging
  • Place earplugs in the case on the charger which supports QI wireless systems.
  • Enjoy convenient and instant charging.

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