Digital Therapy Machine

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Herald Digital Therapy Machine Description


If you are getting so tired from your hectic day and suffering from muscle pain and body-ache. Then there is no worry at all. Megashop is here to relax you by presenting an amazing digital therapy machine. This Health Herald Therapy Machine is the perfect solution of all your physical complaints due to its latest features just like body innovation massager 

Different modes for different purposes: This therapy machine works in different and significant way. Like you can get relive from your muscle pain by massaging. If you are a high blood pressure then it adjusts your BP with hypno-genesis. Except of it you can also enjoy capping, scrapping, and immunotherapy that make you and your loved ones healthy.

Different Frequencies/Intensities: there are different speeds or intensities of therapy like strong or weak which you can set according to your need and therapy mode.

Four Gel pads: There are four gel pads in its packing that you can attach with your targeted body part and cure exact center point of pain. Moreover you can get therapy on different parts of your body at a same time by putting these gels pads at different body parts.

LCD Display: You can see everything whatever mode or speed you can use for yourself. It can be possible due to LCD display of this therapy machine. So you can easily check your therapy mode, frequency of therapy, and body meridian chart for comfortable and manageable usage of it.

Besides it also improves blood circulation that promotes metabolism and relieves muscle pain and shoulder pain. You can use it for fat burning too. So let’s add this fantastic product in your life to make you and your loved ones comfortable.

Note:- after using the gel pads, please clean them with soft fabric that make its life longer and you can get benefits from this herald therapy machine for a long time.

Package Contains: -

  • 1x Digital Therapy Machine
  • 4x Gel Pads
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • USB Adapter

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