DOBE TI-465 Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller Joystick Gaming Gamepad With Clamp Holder For IOS PC Android

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DOBE TI-465 Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller Joystick Gaming Gamepad With Clamp Holder For IOS PC Android

This product is a new feature wireless Bluetooth handset that supports Android / ios / PC different platform game.

Product description:
Brand: DOBE
Model: TI-465
Video game accessories Type: video game controller
Interface Type: Bluetooth
Vibration mode: no vibration
Application: Android, Apple, Tablet, Computer
Material: ABS
Additional features: cell phone holder
The crowd: General
Games Rating: enthusiast
Applicable age: General
Color: Black
Product size: 18 * 14.3 * 8.1cm
Weight: 0.368kg

- No need to load any drivers, can be used after pairing with Bluetooth phones;
- Built-in lithium battery (400mAh), sustainable use after charging 20H, security and stability;
- With telescopic stand, you can use your phone or tablet is placed on the stand (maximum support 5.5-inch phone);
- Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission function, can be operated in the control distance of 6-8 meters wide;
- User-friendly software design, can not connect state to the power saving mode;
- Support android 3.2, ios 4.3 and above systems;
- Compatible with WinXP / Win7 / Win8, Android TV box (must support Bluetooth), Android TV;


Select different boot modes in the off state.

1. Pre-press the corresponding mode button to enter the Bluetooth search condition at boot time. The search indicator light will flash fast in the search state.

2. Open the Bluetooth of phones or tablet PC while the search indicator light is flashing. Then you can search the device name "DOBE Controller" of the corresponding mode icon.

3. Click "DOBE Controller” to match it with your Bluetooth.

4. The code indicator change from flashing to continuous luminating after finishing Bluetooth connection. Then you can enter the game pattern and do the game-related operations.

5. Press the HOME button of the handle for 3 seconds to shut down.

6. Press the HOME button to restart the handle and enter into the previous mode.

7. When the handle and mobile phone connects simply press the HOME button + A, B, X, Y to directly switch to different modes as you need.

8. The power indicator will flash slowly to show low power of the handle.

9. Connect the handle with computer USB port or power supply with USB port via USB to MICRO converter plug to charge the handle. The power supply indicator will be on continuously while charging. It powers off when charging is finished.

10. The handle automatically shuts down to sleep when there is no operation or Bluetooth connection fails.

11. Set English text input as the default text input of your mobile phone or tablet PC before playing games with this handle. Shift the text input before paring for  iOS system. If not it can’t used normally.

12. Open the Bluetooth in PC device and select the "X, A" in either mode to match with the handle. Please use a Bluetooth receiver if your PC is not Bluetooth-enabled.

Package include:
1*DOBE TI-465 Bluetooth Game Handle
1*USB Cable

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