Gatling 5000mW Blue High Power Burning Laser with 5-Lenses Rechargeable Battery !

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This is a TRUE 5000mW  Blue Laser Pointer(Class 4 IV High Power Handheld Burning Laser), same as, or even better than many other sellers "10000mW 20000mW 30000mW lasers" or "10W 20W 30 watt lasers". The design is inspired by Gatling machine gun, you can see from its appearance.


  • Able to ignites matches instantly, burn cigarettes and papers in seconds, set plastics and wood on fire, and engrave on low melting point metals.

  • The laser's brightness and focus is adjustable.

  • Laser beam divergence is less than 2.5 mRad for parallel light beam, laser beam goes more than 10 km(6.2 miles).

  • Its lens is interchangeable, comes with 5 laser lenses, which give beautiful laser light effects. You can buy more laser lenses to extend the lasers' playability.

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