Havit Numeric keyboard HV-NK01 6 Months Warranty

Color: Black
Sale priceRs.1,550.00




19 key position X Architecture design Assembled all the needs of products and players on the market, the addition of BS and 00 button make you more convenient on using.


USB port or USB volume curves of two Volume curve wire and ordinary wire adapt to different case.


Ultra-thin design comfortable and natural angle tilt Thin shell embedded in the shell under a fixed way, not only saving space and reinforced, but also ultra-thin and easy to carry. The side without pulling frame also with angle bracket naturally, reducing assembly time and reduce costs.


Aluminum plate and iron plate reinforcement Aluminum as the metal plate to fix the X Architecture button cap is a major feature of NAZAR, this is not easy to shed further keystroke mute, aluminum and iron interlocking into the board, not only reinforced ,but also increase a sense of weight


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