Kinvale L22 bluetooth Headset

Sale priceRs.1,800.00


x1 Headset

x1 Charging Cable

  • CSR Cord Chip: Use CSR Intelligent Operation Chip, Which Is the Perfect Combination of Science and Technology and Sound.

  • Aesthetics and Comfort Design: Integration Streamlined Design Brings More Than Just Fashion Aesthetic. In Line with the Ear Contour Curve to Bring the Fit. Pliable Double Degree Materials Ear Cap, Effectively Relieve Discomfort Extended Wear. Ear Hanging Ear Wear, Help Movement of People.

  • Voice Response Design: When the Phone Rings, Just Say "yes" then Accept the Call. Otherwise, Just Say "No" then reject the Call.

  • Multipoint Pairing: Support Simultaneous Connection of Two Bluetooth Devices. Complete a Connection, after the Boot Automatically Connected.

  • Ergonomic Rear Hanging Design: Based on Ergonomic Design, the Integration of Streamlined Design, Bringing Fashion Beauty.


  • Kin Vale L22, Stereo Sound Bluetooth Headset, Wireless Handfree, Waterproof, Intelligent Noise Cancelling, Voice Prompt.
    fashion and Ergonomic Design, Wear Comfortable.
    Music Smart Touch Design, Easilly and Conveniently Support Music Play & Pause.
    ISO Power Display, Monitor power easily.
    Talking Time up to 5 Hours, Music Time up to 5 Hours, Charging Time Less than 2 Hours, Standby Time up to 120 Hours, Battery 80 mAh. Range 10 Meters.
    Accessories: USB Charging Cable, User Manual Book, Ear Hook, Earphone Line.
    Kindly Note:
    When you match the bluetooth headset to your phone, currently the search name shows on the phone is "Q2" while not "L22" on the card.

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