LDNIO Quick Charge 3.0 35W Multi-port USB Charger 6 Ports

Sale priceRs.1,699.00





LDNIO 6 Port USB Charger designed to charge the iPad , iPhone, Samsung Tab, and Android devices at full speed. Total max output of 7A. AC 110-220V input voltage for use around the world.

Compact, unibody design for added portability. Auto ID detection for flexibility. Power cable of 1.5 meters

Hardened-plastic outer shell and premium circuitry ensure lifetime reliability. Appearance, easy to carry, lighter operation is simple.

Consolidate all your wall-charging needs into this LDNIO 6 Port USB Charger, lightning-fast charger. 6-port favorite Say goodbye to swapping out multiple adapters from a single outlet.

Say hello to all-in-one charging convenience. With 6 charging ports, plug everything in at once – no choosing between your devices or spare-adapter hunting.

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