Lightstick Chemlight Cyalume-GREEN

Color: green
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The clubs Cyalume ChemLight are the recognised standard in terms of light sticks and are recognized as such by the armed forces around the world. Used for more than 45 years by the armed forces of the military and emergency services, tactical light sticks Cyalume are not comparable to the light sticks for children that you find in the shops with this holiday season. When a man the National Marine at the sea, they use a chemlight stick to mark its position. When the air force pilots shot dead, must identify the one position in order to use a chemlight. The ChemLight sticks provide an intense illumination, reliable for up to 12 hours with 360 degree visibility nNo ChemLight Green 15 cm (otan-nsn nomenclature Number): 6260-01-074-4229 it brilliant green ChemLight is so that it can be seen from 1,6 km 4,8 km the view of the skyline of – so you will have no problem to illuminate small parts, passages, access and areas with just a simple light stick. The stick ChemLight is waterproof, non-toxic and non-flammable.This advanced light stick has a strong hook end with a groove Threader. This hook has a coding Flat allows you to locate the opening of the hook for night or in the dark. It also features a backflow preventer that keeps the holder from the stick. The Passe-fil stick has been developed in such a way that the Cyalume does not slide around when I was hooked over. The hook of the ChemLight is also has a hole to fix the wire onto it and hang it up. The hexagonal shape of the ChemLight allows to avoid ride on smooth surfaces.

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