Mango Shape USB Powered Ultrasonic Air Humidifier cool Mist Maker with LED Light for Home and Office

Sale priceRs.1,299.00


1 x Humidifier

1 x USB Power Cable

1 x User Manual


  • LED small night lights decoration, a good helper for the atmosphere, give you a private space.

  • Mute humidification, vertical fog, so that you enjoy the delicious air in a quiet environment.

  • 160ML capacity Mini humidifier, USB interface, can be used in the car, capacity just a glass of water, enough for you to drive home.

  • A button operation is easy to learn. old people and children can learn.

  • Humidifier will automatically turn off when it runs out of water preventing damage to the unit and keeping you safe!

  • This humidifier adopts polymer atomization technology, novel mango shape, beautiful and fashionable, fast humidification, pure moisturizing, leaving a day of fatigue, allowing you to fully moisturize, enjoy the fresh air and enjoy life.

  • Silver ion antibacterial water tank, effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, quiet operation, silent and humid, will not disturb your sleep

  • Intelligent power-off design, separation of electronic components and atomizer, prevent dry burning, ensure safe use, provide USB interface, multiple charging methods, convenient and fast, endurance

  • With a unique night light mode, you can add a touch of color and feel warm and comfortable on the night of clean air.

  • Product efficacy: manufacturing active oxygen, improving lung function, promoting metabolism, enhancing disease resistance, improving sleep, fresh air, eliminating smoke, beauty and skin care

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