NJoy Loop Vaping

Sale priceRs.3,499.00


  • The NJOY Loop is an improved and modernized version of the classic e-cigarette. It’s a fully-loaded kit designed for convenience and a cigarette-like hit. The Loop kit comes with an impressive pocketable charge case and USB-C charge cord, two e-cigarette battery sticks, plus a proprietary quick charger for USB drives.

    The LOOP battery sticks pair with the NJOY Loop nicotine pod flavors, sold separately.

    The flavor pods available for the kit come in five choices: Tropical Twist, Blue + Black Berry, Classic Tobacco, Rich Tobacco, and Cool Menthol. Each flavor pack has two pods each that hold almost a full mL of liquid, a nicotine concentration of 4.5%, and they’re individually rated for approximately 150 puffs.
  • Pods are sold separately 

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