Phone Charging Wall-Mounted Storage Box

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Environmentally friendly ABS material, smooth surface, durable and durable, waterproof design.

The remote control storage box adopts plastic material, rounded-edge design, looks cute and compact.

With this remote control holder, you can prevent the remote control from being lost in the house. Keep your room tidy.

Our wall remote control holder is durable, very convenient to use, and a good helper in your life.

Nail-free installation, convenient and quick. The bottom of the storage box has a hole; this is a charging port for easy mobile phone charging.

Multifunctional storage box: office stationery storage box, bathroom toiletries storage rack, bedroom bedside mobile phone holder, etc.

It can be used to store different daily necessities, such as mobile phones, comb, kitchen and bathroom accessories, etc.

Neutral white and subtle curves form the modern design of the storage rack. Style complements any decoration or theme.

Suitable for a variety of wall installations: smooth tiles, glass surfaces, white painted walls, smooth wooden boards, marble tiles, frosted tiles. This hole-free wall remote holder can be a perfect embellishment to spruce up your home decor or office without damaging the mounting areas.

The remote control organizer is small but very practical can be separately installed in the bedroom and living room for keeping TV remote control, air conditioner remote control, etc.

They can store phones, with a charging hole at the bottom, design, more convenient, you can stick the wall mount storage boxes bedside table, bedroom wall, nightstand, bed.

Hanging it on the wall that can be easily touched, the sofa will not occupy the desktop area, is easy to carry, and effectively prevent the remote control from sometimes missing.

Hang it on the wall that can be easily reached behind the sofa, which does not occupy the desktop area; it is also convenient to take, effectively preventing the remote control from being not found sometimes.

It is not only a remote control holder but also a great organizer for makeup, cellphone, pen, key, garbage bags, etc., suitable for homes, hotels, classrooms, offices, and centers. Keep your room tidy and space-saving.

They can store mobile phones with charging holes at the bottom. They are designed to be more convenient. You can stick the wall-mounted storage box to the table, bedroom wall, bedside cabinet, and bed.

With this remote-controlled organizer, you cannot lose the remote control in the house. You can apply them to the fridge, the side of the desk, the wall near the bed, the coffee bar, the bathroom, the restaurant and a place that children cannot reach, and anywhere you want.

No tools, no drilling. A reinforced non-marking adhesive tape is provided. Just paste the non-marking tape and extrude the bubbles by hand. Remove glass, tile, metal, and solid painted surfaces without leaving any traces. It is not recommended for rough, textured, or easily peeled walls and surfaces.

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