Remax RU-S2 USB Charger 4 USB Ports 3 Power Socket Extension

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The REMAX RU-S2 – 3 Power Socket and 4-Port USB Charger has an elegant design in a model that comes with a RU-S2 business card that makes this device look beautiful. The device is made from strong materials to prevent leakage, power surges as well as collection of dust. The cord length is just long enough for using it in a bed, desk, office area or simply a living room. Port USB charging up to 4 ports makes charging smartphones and tablets really easy. The plug can be used for charging and fast charging of Remax products as well.

Main Features: 

  • It can meet the charging demand of different electronic devices at the same time
  • Super Charge intelligent charging interface converter technology, can easily identify your device model, automatic matching the best current, to achieve the best charging speed, up to 2.1 a. 2.
  • Using the latest USB chip intelligent control chip and charge, charging only safer more effectively promote conversion rate, stable charge.
  • Strong compatibility, comprehensive support on the market of brand mobile phone, tablet PC, PSP, bluetooth headsets and other kinds of digital products to charge.
  • Perfect compatibility, a variety of equipment used to deal with.
  • 4 USB ports can charge for several digital devices simultaneously, very convenient and time efficient


  • Brand REMAX
  • Model RU S2
  • Item Weight 4.54 g
  • Package Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 cm
  • Material: ABS+PC+aluminum parts
  • Rating Input: AC110-240V 50/60Hz /MAX 10A
  • Rating Output: AC110-240V 50/60Hz 2500W
  • USB Outputs: MAX DC5V 2.1A, DS5V 2.1A, DC5V 2.1A, DC5V 1A, DC5V 1A
  • Length:1.8m
  • Additional Features 4*usb charger, Support Andoid Iphone, 3 multi country socket support, fire resistant material
  • REMAX RU-S2 AC Socket Outlets and 4 Port USB Charger - Computer Care BD
  • REMAX RU-S2 AC Socket Outlets and 4 Port USB ChargerREMAX RU-S2 AC Socket Outlets and 4 Port USB Charger: Buy Online at Best  Prices in Bangladesh |

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