Rocket Atomizer

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1X Wire


  • The rocket's styling design makes life look more relaxed

  • Ultrasonic technology for humidifiers for personal use

  • Ultra-quiet design, do not bother your work

  • Fog with cold light design, for the use of the night to add a ray of color

  • Change colorful lights for your life to create a romantic atmosphere

  • Power protection anti-dry

  • Power protection, electronic components and atomizer separation, the use of more secure

  • Material: ABS/PP

  • Operating voltage: DC 5V

  • Working current: 500 mA

  • Use power: 2.5 W

  • Water bottle capacity: 135 ML

  • Spray: 30ML / H

  • Use time: Approx.3.5 hours

  • Warning:

  • The cover must be locked before opening

  • Do not tilt the product when there is water remaining

  • Do not add water or open the cover during use

  • Do not plug the adapter interface with wet hands

  • The product should be placed flat and not tilted

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