Space DL-50 Delta Pro Gaming Earphones

Sale priceRs.1,299.00


Perfectly-Balanced, Unmatched Sound
Specifically made to infuse excitement in to your gaming sessions, the Delta Pro Gaming Earphones DL-50 are one of a kind. Its premium sound feature enhances every intense and distant movement, making it easier for you to stay aware of the enemy dangers at every step.

Built-In, Detachable Microphone
Why miss out on any target when you can hear everything to the core? The Delta Pro Gaming Earphones DL-50 comes with a high-definition built-in microphone for seamless communication with other teammates. Not just that, with the complimentary detachable microphone that comes along, the Earphones’ keeps you covered from all sides so that you never miss out on any worthy opportunity.

Fit-To-Ear Ergonomic Design
Made for all, the Delta Pro Gaming Earphones DL-50 are ergonomically designed to provide a fit-to ear, comfortable, mesmerizing user experience. Gone are the days when you had to settle for loose, uncomfortable earphones that keeps falling and hurt your ears when used for long.

Controls At Your Fingertips
Providing utmost ease and complete functionality to all Android and iOS users, the Delta Pro Gaming Earphones DL-50 comes equipped with an advanced remote giving you total freedom to control volume and answer incoming calls at your fingertips without disrupting your gaming aura.

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