Ultra Sticky Adhesive Pad PVC Reusable (Pack of 5)

Material: PVC
Sale priceRs.299.00


Pack of 5 Pads

No trace hooks, tear off the film to stick

Anytime, anywhere, wherever you want to paste, where the non-destructive wall matte transparent design

Stick to your heart, feel free to post freely when you want to post it

No need to punch holes, gently stick a wall at any time and anywhere

Suitable for all kinds of material wall

Marble glass tile wood stainless steel…

Strong double-sided non-marking paste, acrylic material.

Waterproof and moisture proof, good heat resistance, strong adhesion and invisible fit.

Strong adhesion, anti-dust, practical and beautiful.

The transparent design fits the corners of various furniture and does not affect the appearance.

Double-sided adhesive, good adhesion, firm and not easy to fall off, tear off no residue.

It can be cut at will according to the actual use, and it is more convenient to use.

Material: Non-marking glue *PVC

Suspension method: paste, adsorption

Quantity: 5

Size: 6*6cm


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