Xiaomi Mi Air Pro True Wireless Earbuds

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1x earpod

2x earburd


Free switch between left ear and right ear

The Xiaomi Mi Air earbuds adopt true wireless design. There is no troublesome wire between left and right ears. It also supports switching between the main ear and the auxiliary ear at any time. The left and right ears can be used alone or in both ears without extra operation. At the same time, the Bluetooth headphone Air has a built-in infrared optical sensor, which automatically senses the state, removes the suspension and saves power. He supports active noise reduction. It can greatly reduce noise interference and enjoy music better on the bus and subway.

Wake up the voice assistant via a simple touch

With the Xiaomi Mi Air True Wireless Earbuds, you can wake up the voice assistant, play, pause, answer or hang up the phone call. With the voice assistant, it can complete song changing, volume adjustment and other operations. Besides Xiao Ai, it also supports Siri and other voice assistants. Both left and right earphones have built-in high sensitivity microphones and high fidelity call quality. The Mi Air adopts 7mm Nd-Fe-B magnetism plus titanium-coated movable coil speaker unit, which has delicate and natural sound. It supports AAC and can better restore the nature of music.

Support fast charging and up to 10 hours playing time

The charging box is designed with USB Type-C interface. It supports fast charging with the headphone body. It can be charged in 70 minutes for 10 minutes and filled in 1 hour. The headphone can be used for 3 or 3 hours at a time, and the music playing time can be 10 hours with the charging box. When the headphone is removed and worn properly, the headphone can be used when the connection between the headphone and the mobile phone is completed.

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