Baseus Premium Car Ashtray

Color: Black
Sale priceRs.3,999.00 PKR


  • This elegant astray for car from Baseus will easily blend into any vehicle interior.
  • Model no : CRYHG01-01
  • This luxurious car gadget will make sure your car’s interior remains neat and clean. 
  • The ashtray is made of premium flame retardant material and can be cleaned very easily.
  • Also, the ashtray is equipped with LED light to make usage at night much more comfortable. 
  • Baseus luxurious ashtray for car, with integrated LED light. 
  • This ashtray is made to fit into your vehicle cup holder
  • LED light automatically turns on after opening the lid
  • Once you close the lid, the smell and smoke will be locked inside
  • The inside of the ashtray can be easily detached for easy cleaning
  • Premium aluminum alloy and flame-retardant materials prevent burning upon high temperature
  • Dimensions of the ashtray: 65mm x 65mm x 105mm

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