Baseus Smart Cleaner Auto Car Trash Can

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Baseus Smart Cleaner Auto Car Trash Can with Free Trash Bags 2 Rolls 60pcs Each CRLJT01-01

  • Lid-Up Sensing for Clean Travel
  • Smart Cleaner Auto Car Trash Can
  • Intelligent Sensing
  • Sensitive Opening Lid
  • Using near-field induction opening and closing technology, lid-up sensing enables you to open the lid without touching it.
  • Sealed with Lid
  • No Odor Inside the Closed Car
  • The lid automatically closes to prevent the odor from leaking and keep the air fresh.
  • Hanging/Standing
  • Flexible Choice
  • The trash can with a hook on the back, so it can be hung or placed on the floor.
  • Capacity Upgrade
  • Enough to store daily garbage.
  • One-Key Normally Open Mode
  • Easy to be normally open. Press the power button to enable normally open mode.
  • 60 Days of Battery Life
  • Cordless Use
  • polymer batteries can be used for 60 days after one charge.
  • 1 Day 1 Bag
  • Enough for 60 Days
  • The size of 60 trash bags perfect matches with the trash can.
  • Charging parameters 5V/0.5A (Max.)
  • Battery 500mAh
  • Charging port Type-C
  • Capacity ~500mL
  • Model: CRLJT01-01

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