BEME Hush ANC Wireless Headphones

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BEME HUSH Headphones:

Say hello to the BEME HUSH wireless and wired headphones! Enjoy the freedom of wireless listening or plug-in for an even richer sound experience. With active noise cancellation, you can tune out the world and focus on what matters most.

Independent ANC:

Experience undisturbed audio with BEME HUSH ANC Wireless Headphones. With an independent ANC feature, you can choose to turn on the noise-canceling function only when needed, saving your headphone's battery life. Enjoy peace in noisy environments, with a separate power button for ANC.

ENC Dual Mic Calling:

Experience crystal clear phone calls with the BEME HUSH ANC Wireless Headphones. Its ENC Dual Mic Calling technology reduces background noise by up to 90%, ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear. Focus on your conversations without distractions.

Super Bass:

Jam out to your favorite tunes with the BEME HUSH ANC Wireless Headphones! With super bass, you'll feel every beat and enjoy a dynamic listening experience. Say goodbye to background noise and hello to pure audio bliss.

Ultimate Hybrid Headphones:

Experience unparalleled versatility and convenience with BEME Hush, the ultimate hybrid headphones. Seamlessly switch between wired and wireless connections to suit your lifestyle. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, enjoy crystal-clear audio quality and the freedom to choose your preferred mode of listening. Perfect for music lovers, gamers, and professionals alike, BEME Hush combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional comfort. Discover a new level of audio excellence today!

Bluetooth 5.3:

Get lost in the music and block out the world with BEME HUSH ANC wireless headphones. Featuring Bluetooth 5.3, stay connected without the hassle of cords. Perfect for on-the-go or lounging at home. (No more tangled wires!) 

Inline Controls:

Experience ultimate convenience with BEME HUSH ANC Wireless Headphones. The inline controls allow you to easily adjust volume, change tracks, and take calls without having to reach for your device. Stay focused and in control while enjoying your favorite tunes.

Carrying Bag:

Featuring a convenient carrying bag, you can easily take your headphones with you on the go. Enjoy high-quality sound and noise-cancelling technology, all in a compact and stylish design.

Long Battery Life:

Experience uninterrupted sound with BEME HUSH ANC Wireless Headphones! Enjoy up to 6 hours of music and talk time, with a 100 hour standby time. Charge quickly in just 2 hours and never miss a beat. Take a risk and immerse yourself in your music like never before!

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