Car Glass Stain Remover Oleophobic Coating Gel

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Windshield Oil Film Cleaner:
Our car glass oil film cleaner is made of super active particle formula, which safely loosens sticky pollutants. No damage to the glass.
Powerful Cleaning:
Due to hyperactive particles, our car glass oil film cleaner strongly decomposes oil film and other stubborn stains on the glass, and quickly restores perfect transparency. Form a Protective Layer and Waterproof: Due to a unique formula, our car glass oil film cleaner forms a protective layer that repels rain and water by keeping water from beading and rolling off.
Multiple Uses:
Our car glass oil film cleaner is not only for years of stubborn oil film but also for wiper bounce, tar, asphalt, stickers, rain marks, air conditioning watermarks, flying paint, etc. Easy to Use:
This car glass oil film cleaner with a simple structure just needs to rinse the glass with water first, then apply degreaser to a damp sponge, and lastly wipe evenly and rinse. Features: Solve the problem of abnormal wiper noise without damaging the glass. Restoring your glass to a brand-new look after cleaning. The ultra-active particle formula can safely loosen sticky pollutants, and be easy to wipe.


Net content: 50g

Main purpose: Quickly remove oil film, clear vision, safe driving

Ingredients: Active Granules

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