Creative Bracing Wire Luminous Toy Flywheel Flash Spinning Top Light-emitting Gyro Shining

Color: Random
Sale priceRs.249.00 PKR




  • Pull rope toys, through pulling, the flywheel rotates at high speed, giving out a colorful , accompanied by a loud whistle, the night effect is better! ! !
  • The high-speed rotating flywheel with lights will give you the continuation of a child’s dream. This product will glow
  • Instructions for use: After tying one end of the rope to a loop, pass through one hole in the middle of the whistle, another loop in the middle of the whistle, and then go back through the other hole in the middle of the whistle, and finally connect with the first loop . Before pulling, shake the whistle with both hands to make the rope shrink and become shorter and more elastic, then pull and loosen the rope. At this time, the whistle that rotates at a high speed will make a sound.
  • Each piece of this luminous flywheel toy is 1/5 pieces, the colors are shipped randomly, and a variety of color experiences will make you play happier.


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