Urallife Portable 300ml Humidifier USB Charging Desktop Luminous Cup Aroma Diffuser Cool Mist Maker Air Humidifier Purifier

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1.300ML high frequency atomization, heavy fog volume

2. Click the button to open the continuous spray mode, click again to open the spray mode

3. Insert the USB cable to turn on the power, connect the power, and then press start



Product name: Luminous Cup Humidifier

Size: 5.9 * 2.83 * 2.83 inches

Working voltage: DC5

Working current: 350MA

Use power: 2.5W

Water tank capacity: 300ML

Spray volume: 30-40mL / H

Use time: about 3-6 hours

Product size: 15072 * 72MM

Product weight: 192 grams / 0.59 pounds

Material: ABS / PP

Quality inspection: qualified products

Executive standard: GD4706.1-2005


Packing list:

Beautiful box * 1

Elf Humidifier *

USB power cord * 1

Product Manual * 1

  • Heavy fog, healthy humidity, nourish the skin
  • Plug in the USB cable to power on, press to start
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