Mini Small Flint/Fire Starter Rod Magnesium Rod Small and Portable

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Color: Random 1Pc
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  • Wide range of applications: the lighter is perfect for camping, outdoor activities, survival, army, military, hunting, light spotlights, adventurers, barbecue experts, etc.
  • Good practical performance: the flint set can easily light fire in any weather and in any environment, this type of flint is waterproof and moisture-resistant and has obvious advantages over lighters. Magnesium reaches extremely high temperatures above 2000°C and is more prone to flame formation than conventional flints.
  • Easy to use: Scratch the protective color of the magnesium fire stick and slide the fire starter onto the flint with firm pressure. Thanks to the recessed handle for better grip, you can hit many warm sparks at 2980 degrees in seconds.
  • Easy to store: This flint is an essential accessory for survival equipment. This fireproof flint has a fireproof and waterproof shaft. Easy to store in a bag.

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