Multifunctional Cleaning Pen

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【3 IN 1 Earbud Cleaning Tool】: 3-in-1 Bluetooth Headphone cleaning pen kit has a switch Dual-head design with Soft Brush, Metal Cleaner Pen, and, Compact cleaner pen Kit only 5 Inches long, Keeping your earbuds clean is very crucial in order to keep away any potential build-up.

【Multiple Usage Scenarios Cleaner Pen】:The cleaner pen kit is not only clean for  Earbuds, headphones but also for Phone speaker and camera.

【Micro Fabrics Cleaner Sponge】:The Soft flocking sponge can perfectly remove the dust in the case of the earphone, headphones, Airpods Case .

【Soft Bristle Brush】: Earbuds Soft Brush clean Any Microscopic Components, Easy Remove the dust on the Earbuds Mesh /Headphone Receiver and the Phone Speaker, Improve the sound quality of your earbuds or phone speaker.

【Metal Dirt Picker 】Use the meatal dirt picker can Clean the cerumen on the earbuds or headphones and the Dust on the Phone speaker.

Package List:    

1 X Cleaning Pen    


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