Pack of 5 compression cleaning towel

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 Magic Tablet Coin Tissue Mini Compressed Towels Tablet Towel Cotton Coin Tissue Wipes for Travel Camping Beauty[PACK OF 5 Coin Candy Tablet ] (5 Tissues)

Skin Type : All Skin Types

Flavor : No Flavor

Net Quantity (N) : 5

clean anywhere with a splash of water. They are soft enough for the most delicate skin. no alcohol; no added chemicals; and are fragrance-free. Pure and simple cleaning solution for all skin types, ages, and most any use. A small splash from a water bottle, fountain, or tap creates a versatile, ultra-soft, personal sized wash cloth at your fingertips, anytime or anywhere you need one. Add some hand sanitizer or cleanser to create a quick cleaning wipe. Never be without a wipe again! Coin Tissue Instant Wet Towel Biodegradable, Compressed Napkin Tablet Premium Quality Fiber Environmentally Friendly and Space Saving Wipes for Restaurants . How to be used : We have to do pour the water to dried form then it grows to its full size. Depending on the water we pour, it can be used as hot or cold tissue. Ideal product for home, office, restaurants, schools, picnic, camping, travel, promotion gifts, etc.. For babies and kids Use as a sale promotion tool Removing makeup and nail polish remover During the travelling.

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