Pepper Spray with Keychain

Color: Yellow
Sale priceRs.1,490.00 PKR


1. Wide range: Made of sturdy ABS material, anti-drop. Provide comprehensive emergency self-protection for women, children, the elderly, girls, students and night workers.
2. Convenient to carry: Easy to store and carry. It can be connected to ladies leather bags, backpacks, school bags, belt loops, suitcases, keys, dog chains, etc. The alarm can be easily connected to your bag, keychain or wallet for convenient use.
3. Faster, easier and more accurate: The top of the flip cover is safe to use the fastest under pressure, which helps prevent accidental discharge and safe storage.
4. Finger grip: Finger grip enhances your grip and aiming, allowing you to pay attention to this threat.
5. Pepper spray housing: The pepper spray housing deploys strong airflow to reduce wind blowing to help maximize personal safety when facing danger.

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