Ronin Crystal Clear Sound Android Handsfree R-9

Style: 3.5mm
Color: Black
Sale priceRs.799.00 PKR


Ronin R9 handsfree in simple word is an all-rounder earphone. This earphone will never disappoint you in any situation, whether you are a music lover, gamer, or just want to use it for phone calls. Undoubtedly Ronin has introduced many great mobiles accessories in the last few years but Ronin R9 is probably one of the most successful products from its manufacturer. The positive reviews of this earphone from its users are the biggest evidence of this statement.

Ronin R9 is a stylish black and light-weight earphone with very good sound quality. Ronin R9 Handsfree is made up of very soft and high-quality plastic which makes it a durable and long-lasting product. The wire length of this earphone is about 1.2 meters which is made up of TPE high elastic-plastic material to solve the entangling and breaking problem.

Ronin R9 – Crystal Clear Sound is equipped with incredibly powerful speakers which provide the best sound experience with the least distortion and noise-making. Small earpieces of this handsfree fit very well in ear holes and don’t irritate the listener.

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