SPACE Mini External 10000mAh Power Bank MI-036

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  • World’s Smallest Power Bank
    Let not the name and size of the Mini External Power Bank MI-036 fool you! This compact Power Bank offers a mind baffling amount of juice for your devices given its size. Literally smaller than your phone, it could be carried anywhere with great convenience. Buy the world’s smallest Power Bank now and relieve yourself from the hassle of carrying a large, inconvenient power bank and the hassle of running out of battery in times of emergencies.


    Built-In Cables
    Sturdy built, smart features – the Mini External Power Bank MI-036 comes with a built-in Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB connector to relieve you of the charging troubles. No worries if you forgot your charging cable at home in a hurry, the Power Bank is here to keep you charged all day long.

    Simultaneous Charging
    Not one, not two, not three but charge four devices at once. The extremely compact Mini External Power Bank MI-036 gives you the freedom to charge four different devices simultaneously with the same power via its 3 built-in cables and efficient USB port.

    Modern Battery Display
    The Mini External Power Bank MI-036 comes equipped with a modern battery display to keep you aware of the battery level no matter where you are. It’s time to always keep your phone active and create memories without the fear of your phone dying at important times.



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