Sponge Magic Laundry Ball Absorbs Hair Without Hurting Clothes Cleaning

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Color: Blue
Size: Pack of 4
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  • Washing Helper: These Washer Balls remover balls are great lint remover when washing clothes, removing pet hair from clothing, preventing re-washing, and keeping tidy.
  • Effective Anti-entanglement: This set of Lint Remover Balls can effectively separate the clothes. They lift and separate the clothes, allowing the hot air to circulate better and dry faster. and to avoid the clothes from twisting or tangling together.
  • Durable Material: This anti-entanglement Pet Hair Remover is made of extremely high-quality PU sponge and PP materials. It can absorb hair and thread stains on the clothes through friction with the clothes' stronger detergency.
  • Protected Clothing: These Washing Machine Balls are designed to be round, so they will not cause any damage to your clothes during the washing process, and can be used for children's clothing. It can effectively isolate clothes, reduce wrinkles.
  • Reusable Balls: Washer Balls for Washing Machine feature long serving life, durable and cost-effective. After washing, the laundry ball can be dehydrated and dried with the clothes without taking it out and can be reused.

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