YOUKSH Apple iPhone 15 Anti Static Clear Glass Protector With YOUKSH Installation Kit

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iPhone 15 Glass Protector

Enjoy protection for your Apple iPhone 15 with the YOUKSH anti-static clear glass protector. This thin glass layer guards your device from everyday wear and tear, while maintaining the look and feel of the original device.

Super Slim

The YOUKSH Anti-Static Clear Glass Protector offers a complete protection for the Apple iPhone 15. It is designed with a super slim profile to provide maximum protection without sacrificing touch sensitivity or sacrificing style. Its anti-static technology is engineered to reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt particles, offering an additional layer of defence against environmental pollutants.

Oleophobic Hydrophilic 

The YOUKSH APPLE IPHONE 15 Anti Static Clear Glass Protector is an innovative solution for your device. With its oleophobic and hydrophobic properties, it ensures superior protection from water and fingerprints, leaving your device looking pristine. Enjoy peace of mind with this reliable shield against daily wear and tear.

Elegant Round Edge

Protect your Apple iPhone 15 with the YOUKSH Anti Static Clear Glass Protector. This protector is designed with strong, yet elegant round edges to provide a seamless look. 

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